An Interview with two sisters: Libby & Abi

Today it’s National Sibling Day and to celebrate we’re chatting to Libby, 23 and Abi, 21, sisters from Surrey. Numerous research has shown all different kinds of positive effects that having siblings can have on a person, but we wanted to hear what it’s really like from some siblings themselves.

Libby and Abi live with their mum in Surrey. Libby graduated from university a couple of years ago and has spent her time traveling on and off since. Abi is currently in her second year of studying at Mountview in London.

We’ve popped round to their house for tea and biscuits and to chat to them both about their relationship, what it was like growing up together and to discover everything from what they argue about most to what they admire in the other.

Q. What were the dynamics between you growing up?

L: Love-hate relationship?

A: We got on really well, but we did argue a lot.

L: Yeah, not hate… Friction.

A: Libby would wind me up a lot. She’d like doing stuff to provoke me.

L: I used to get Abi in trouble because of it and our mum would end up telling her off.

A: I also feel like sometimes I’m the older sibling and I can treat Libby like the younger sibling because I’m quite bossy.

Q. What do you argue about most?

L: Food. Abi can be possessive over the food and I get really hangry, so I want to eat the food!

A: And Libby gets really annoyed if I borrow something and don’t give it back, or if she’s sleepy and I annoy her.

L: She always takes photos of me when I nap and it really annoys me cause I can hear the clicking.

A: Libby gets really grumpy when she’s tired.

L: If I have sleep and food then we get on great!

Abi has her head on her sister's shoulder, who is laughing.

Q. Describe each other in one word

A: You go first and then I see what vibe you’re going for!

L: Ok…. Abi is funny.

A: I thought you were going to say bossy! Hmm. I’m trying to think to think of good words…

L: Why are you struggling?!

A: Ok! You’re wise and you give good advice.

Q. Describe a mutual hobby

A: I don’t know. Libby doesn’t like any of my hobbies!

L: We used to have a lot more common interests when we were younger. We’d play together all the time, we loved art, baking, riding and we used to have our own private discos. We always used to wear matching clothes too. Nowadays, we don’t have a lot of hobbies in common, so we just hang out and chat or watch some comedy TV.

Q. You were both born on the same day, 2 years apart. What was it like sharing a birthday with each other?

L: I loved it. It was more of an occasion and made it more special.

A: Yeah it made it a bigger deal and we’d normally have our extended family with us.

L: It’s great having someone else as equally excited as you. I had my first birthday away from Abi in my first year of uni and I was really upset.

Q. Have you ever felt overshadowed by the other?

L: Yes! Everyone asks ‘what’s your sister doing?’ and I say she’s an actor muso. She plays the flute, she plays piano, saxophone, clarinet, she sings and she’s in a band! I list all these things, and then they ask ‘so what do you do’ and I go…. ‘None of that!’

A: But academic-wise because we did similar subjects at school, when she did better than me, I could feel overshadowed by that.

Q, What’s one thing you admire about the other?

A: I admire how confident you are when meeting new people. You are so open and friendly compared to how awkward I am! I’m not at all confident meeting people I don’t know. I always wish I was more like you with that.

L: We have the opposite type of confidence though, as I admire how confident you are on stage in front of lots of people. I could not do that. You are very multi-talented and good at everything!

Q. In what ways are you similar in your personality?

L & A: Humour!

L: We have completely different interests, but exactly the same sense of humour. So we can still have a lot of things in common, which is really nice.

A: We’re both ambitious too and have quite strong opinions. If we have something we want, we go for it.

L: Yeah when we set our mind on something we do it to the best of our ability

Q. When you felt most proud of the other?

L: When I went to see Abi perform in Sister Act. She was so good and I cried so much. I was so proud.⠀

A: I think watching Libby manage her blog and Instagram account. I talk about it all the time to people!

Q. What is the best thing about having a sister?

A: You have this person around you that gives advice, makes you laugh, keeps you entertained and you can always tell them exactly how you are feeling.

L: Sharing everything with a built in best friend.

Q. What does it mean being an everyday woman?

A: Being an Everyday Woman means supporting others in their life, doing what you want to do and wearing what you want to wear and not being held back by standards and expectations on what/how you should be.

L: I think it’s all about living a good life, so even if someone said something untruthful about you, no one would believe them.

Sisters laughing

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