An Open Letter: A letter to my daughter

Written when she was 7 months old

To my Evie,

I love you. Pure and simple, wholeheartedly and unwaveringly. I am so excited for you; to watch you grow up, discover the world and to find out who you are.

I want for you to be happy, to love people easily and for you to be excited and fulfilled by life. To be compassionate and to do good for the world in whatever way you can.

I want you to know your own strength and that which you find from those around you. Be open and inquisitive, build up others and be proud of who you are.

I hope that you grow up in a world that treats you fairly and allows you to flourish. As a woman you are strong, you are capable and you are enough.

As your mum I promise to love you without conditions. In times of success and otherwise, I will be proud of you as my daughter.

I promise to listen to you, be present alongside you and guide you. I will seek to find a balance between protecting you and preparing you for adulthood. And whilst I will eventually teach you independence, you will never be alone.

Even through all of my hopes for you, most of all I want you to enjoy being you. Take in all that the world has to offer and find pleasure in the everyday.

You are my daughter. You are beautiful and full of joy, and each day is made better by having you in it.

I love you,


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